Pizza Hut: app studying eye movement and chooses the pizza for the user

Pizza Hut and Tobii Technology together for an app that shows the most popular fillings on the tablet and, by monitoring the movement of the user’s eyes, he understands that wants pizza mangiareIn future there will be no need to talk to order pizza: just give ‘ look at the menu digital, monitoring the movement of our eyes, will understand what we want to eat. This Ubergizmo to reports citing the collaboration between Pizza Hut and Tobii Technology as a starting point for the new technology that could arrive on tablets in the near future. The American restaurant chain, famous for bringing the American pizza in the world, with more than 12,000 restaurants in over 100 countries, together with the company that has designed EyeX, controller based sull’eye tracking technology to track the movement of ‘eye and enable a particular function on the point of the monitor that you are viewing, would be working on an app for tablets that only shows a grid with 20 most common seasonings. Thanks to the front camera would be able to monitor the movement of the user’s eyes watching this grid, and within 2.5 seconds, choose the pizza in his place: the most impressive thing is that according to what is shown in tests, the system has 98% accuracy. Obviously it is not clear when this – partly disturbing – technology will actually be available to the public at retail for Pizza Hut

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