At the start arena Caputo Contest

the triumph of Italian pizza

There are about 500 pizza makers from around the world ready to challenge in Naples in the twelfth edition of the Trofeo Caputo – World Championship of Pizzaiuolo . The challenge is scheduled for September 3 and 4 on the seafront Caracciolo : a competition that every year it gets more interesting and draws attention and consent , aided by the worldwide success of this delicacy made ​​in Italy . As reflected in data FIPE ( Italian Federation of Public Concerns ) estimate that , for pizza , a turnover of around 62 billion euro . With Italy , Germany , France and Spain, which are the masters , absorbing 78% of the market . But the pizza like more and more , even in other situations outside of Europe , where the street food of ancient memory Neapolitan is conquering the palates . As for Italy , in our country there are 42 000 pizzerias and 100 thousand employees. 65 thousand of these are Italian , 20 thousand Egyptians , Moroccans and 5 thousand 10 thousand are from Eastern Europe , Asia and other countries . We consume almost 3 billion pizzas a year, with a weekly shop that stood at 56 million . The average cost of a pizza ranges from 2.88 euro pizza slices sold in delis , bakeries and takeaways to 5.90 euro ( others claim that the average is 6.50 ) of traditional pizzas ( served in the pot ) of pizzerias pizza – disk . The most expensive pizza you eat in Milan , the cheapest eats in Reggio Calabria . But the pizza is eaten only out of home . In recent years one of three Italian like make pizza at home . And when choosing outside the home , prefer to eat in company. In fact on Saturday night remains the most popular day to go to a pizzeria . link to the site of the world championship pizza

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